5-year project

Building and maturing a Permaculture site from 2015-2020

From 2015, we are starting a new Permaculture project here in the village to demonstrate how a 1.2 acre (3 rai, 4800 square meter) piece of land with highly degraded soil due to monoculture can be restored through the practice of Permaculture.

Below is a photo of the land.

degraded land

Each year, we will hold a Permaculture workshop and students will be able to witness the changes that take place through the years. We will be weaving the Natural Building workshops into the project and build all the structures on the site from adobe.

The main aspects of our project are:

  1. Site design
  2. Earthworks
  3. Construction of dams and swales
  4. Soil improvement
  5. Planting a food forest
  6. Creating a vegetable garden
  7. Building a home
  8. Aquaculture

Join us in this adventure! Check for available workshops or come for an extended stay with us and get involved.прога для взлома одноклассников скачатьвзломать сети wifiпрограмма для взлома логина и пароля вконтакте