At Earth Home we practice natural farming, some call this Permaculture. We use no harmful chemicals but instead choose to focus upon working with nature to create healthy, nutrient dense organic food. We create  compost and organic fertilizer. We have many kinds of fruits trees, vegetables and medicinal herbs growing at any given time. We rear chickens, sheep and fish. We wild harvest mushrooms, honey and bamboo from the jungle — all organically.

With only one hectare of land, our extended family of six eat mostly what we grow ourselves. When we have more guests than our production can feed, we supplement with organic produce from the village, and also buy brown rice, sugar, cooking oil, and occasionally, meat from the local market. Our neighbors grow dozens of other fruits and vegetables, chickens, cattle and occasionally “wild” boars. The villagers of Baan Maejo have farmed organically for generations, gradually honing our techniques and we would be grateful for the opportunity to share anything we can that will help you to live a healthier and happier life.

We are also fortunate in Thailand that our king, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, had the foresight to initiate the Royal Project in 1969. His influence is felt throughout the country and this forms the platform upon which all Thai people involved in farming and agriculture share a common understanding and inspiration.

We believe, for the sake of our grandchildren and yours, that our societies need to improve our stewardship of the land and sustain ourselves in an ecologically sustainable way. We are by no means experts in any one aspect of organic farming, Permaculture or animal husbandry, let alone every aspect.

At Earth Home we strive to live sustainably. Every day we are planting, watering, composting, weeding, pruning, harvesting, cooking and eating our own organic produce. If you’re interested in learning about what we do at Earth Home, come and stay with us and we’ll teach you what we know, from soil types to sunlight preferences, to cooking and medicinal uses for everything we’ve planted. Families and children are welcome.


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