How to get here

Coming from Chiang Mai City or Airport via Earth Home Transfer/private car with AC  

The fee is 1,000-1,300 THB, depending on whether it is a small or big car.

If you want to hire this service please book at least 3 days in advance: info(at)

Coming from Chiang Mai via taxi

Taxi service from the airport is approximately 1,000-1,500 THB.

Coming from Chiang Mai via public transportation

Go to Chang Peuk bus station (on the north side of town just north of the north gate of the old city) and across the street from the big white elephant sculptures in front there are white song tows (pick-up trucks that have two rows of seats in the back).  The white ones go to Mae Taeng and that’s what you want.  Hop onto one of those (they leave every 15 minutes or so) and sit back.  You will stay on here for at least an hour.

You will get off at the last stop which is a stoplight with a turn to the right and a large bright orange building on your left.  Pay the song tow driver 25-30 baht when you get off.

Then flag down a motorcycle taxi which is a motorcycle with a side cart on it to take you the rest of the way.  These guys will know you are going to our area most likely but you should tell them Earth Home (Maejo Baandin).  This next drive goes through villages for another half hour or so and will cost around 150 baht/person. 

When you get off you can tell the motorcycle taxi driver to wait for you if you’re just doing a quick visit or come back to pick you up at a specified time if you will be leaving the same day.  You should arrange the pick-up no later than 3pm to make sure you can get back to the road and catch a songtow before they finish for the day.

Driving to Earth Home Thailand

To find us on Googlemaps, enter Earth Home Thailand (Maejo Baandin) แม่โจ้บ้านดิน.  If you’re not using a device or want some written directions as well, here’s how to get here.

Drive on Hwy 107 (Chiang Mai – Mae Rim Rd) out of Chiang Mai. About 40 km north is Mae Taeng. Turn right about 3-5 km north of Mae Taeng, on the road toward the Mae Ngat Dam. It is the second stop light after Mae Ma Lai.

This will take you up a hill and back down the other side. Keep going past the gold framed life-sized portraits of the King that are on the right-hand side of the road.

Turn left in 5.6 km, just as the road starts to ease left. This is quite a large turnoff with another gold framed life-sized portrait of the King on the left-hand side of the road.

In 3.7 km, take the left side of the fork. Go straight through the stop sign in about 1 km, past the market. In 0.3 km turn right at the first giant tree (empty lot on right). You should then pass over a bridge in about 100 meters.

After 0.8 km, turn left at the T-junction (temple on the right). Stay on this road until you get to a right turn, with a disused school yard on the corner. Take this right. Go another 2 km and you will find Moo Baan Maejo (Maejo Village).

Coming from Pai
Mae Ma Lai Market
Mae Ma Lai Market
motorbike taxi
motorbike taxi

Take a bus (or minibus or hitch a ride or whatever) east to the main road to Chiang Mai (Hwy 107) at Mae Ma Lai market.

Take a white songteow towards the north (left side of road).

Go through Mae Teang and around 3 km north get off at the big road to the right that goes to Mae Ngat Dam. Keep a lookout for it — it is the first big road past Mae Teang. The songteow stops at a motorbike taxi place almost directly across from the turn-off and the songteow turns around and queues right after this stop, so you won’t go far if you miss the stop.

Take a motorbike taxi and tell them you want to go to Maejo Baandin. They have sidecars and charge 150 THB per person and 200 THB for 2 people.

Google Map

Coordinates: 19.215455,99.009080

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