Earth Home School

*Tempolary close this project

Tong Bai’s sanctuary offers an amazing learning environment for children. First of all the peacefull surroundings help young and old relax and feel at ease.

Many visitors traveling with children extend their stay to enjoy the magic that Earth Home has to offer. Parents and children are welcomed and invited to help in the gardens, feed the fish, take care of the animals, like sheep, chickens and horses.

Experience natural building, playing and working with clay, adobe bricks and cob. Harvesting fresh organic vegetables and learning to cook Thai food and enjoying the freedom to use the kitchen to bake cookies or pizzas in the clay oven. Daytrips to the elephant sanctuary, hot springs, waterfall or enjoying a 2 hour Thai massage are all part of the endless possibilities during your stay at Earth Home.

All in all Earth Home offers a rich experience and the welcoming comfort of settling down a bit during the exciting adventure of traveling with children.