Earth Building Design and Practise

We regularly propose short earth building workshops in English. They are taught by Alain, founder of BaanDinDoi Natural Building, based in Chiang-Rai (Thailand).
23 – 27 July; 16-20 December 2024 / 21 – 25 January 2025

This five day course is especially suitable for those who:

  • have a plan to build an earth home (or any small-sized building such as a guest room, meditation/yoga/music room, outdoor kitchen etc),
  • seek an overall introduction to earth building and discover it by practise

Main points:

  • Practising two building techniques: Adobe bricks, Wattle-and-Daub
  • Plastering and basic decoration
  • Understanding several aspects of a building and its environment and finding the best ways to design and plan according to your own situation, budget, available workforce etc
  • Sharing a great time with like-minded people in a peaceful home stay made of nine earth houses
  • Stay in an earth room and experience the beauty and coolness of a building made of earth

Design and planning

A house correctly designed and built will be strong, healthy, resistant to possible damage and long-lasting. It will also provide thermal comfort and well-being by using much less energy (electricity, fuel, gas) than a conventional building through a correct design (passive cooling and heating). it can also be unique in its design, shape and colour for the builders who wish to escape the ‘modern aesthetic norms or habits’. The objectives of the ‘planning and design’ sessions are:

  1. Knowing how to integrate your design in your own context (temperature, humidity, rain, wind, vegetation)
  2. Being aware of the possible damages or issues that could happen and how to prevent them (ground settlement, flooding or drainage problems, insects and animals)
  3. Understanding why and how an earth building can be cool in a hot climate/season and warm in a cold climate/season by using less energy
  4. Understanding the advantages and limits of using other materials in an earth house (timber, bamboo, natural fibers) as well as conventional materials (concrete, metal, cement fiber etc)
  5. Thinking about the best stratgey to achieve your project in your specific context, timeframe and budget (hiring a contractor and professional workers, training unskilled workers, doing some tasks by yourself, involving friends or volunteers etc)

The ‘Design and Planning’ sessions will be organised as a series of classroom sessions, discussions, case-studies, as well as commenting on the buildings on the land.

Hands-on sessions

Students will be given the chance to practise on demonstration walls several skills. See more details in our website.

General information

Workshop organized by ‘BaanDinDoi Natural Building‘ and hosted by ‘Earth Home Thailand’.

Trainer: Alain Madec, natural builder and founder of ‘Baan Din Doi’.

Course in English, limited to 10 participants.

Course schedule:  8.30 to 17.30 with several breaks;

We can provide either vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. Wifi available.

More information on BaanDinDoi website

contact us at [email protected]