Earth Home is very proud to deliver educational workshops and courses in Natural Building and Organic Farming.  Such workshops are a great opportunity to teach locals and foreigners how to become more self sufficient and self reliant while learning about Thai Culture.  The intention behind delivering workshops through out the year is to inform and empowering people about what is possible when working in harmony “with nature”. Furthermore Earth Home collaborates with selected partners in different areas to deliver additional workshops that are complementary to the Earth Home Mission such as Self Empowerment.

Natural Building Workshops

Earth Home has adopted since it’s inception natural building methodologies, enabling Earth Home to become an example and role model of what can be achieved when using traditional and sustainable natural earth building techniques.  The main building material is natural earth, also known as Adobe Bricks, a time-honored technique which is perfect for our Thai climate. The different phases of construction have been created through several workshops on the site.  These workshops teach locals and foreigners how to use this traditional knowledge, creating beautiful buildings out of mud, from foundations to orientation, roofs to wall structures.  Through the  Natural Building workshop participants  gain hands-on practical experience from the beginning to the end of “how” to build.  Earth Home sources its building materials locally. Currently there are no workshops planned now, please contact us if you would like to participate in a workshop or have us organize a workshop for you.

Permaculture Gardening Workshops

At Earth Home we strive to live sustainably. Every day we are planting, watering, composting, weeding, pruning, harvesting, cooking and eating our own organic produce. We do not use any chemicals to grow our organic food, we compost. If you’re interested in learning how we create our Permaculture garden beds, we’ll teach you based on our direct experience about the different soil types and sunlight preferences of plants, about Thai cuisine and food preparation and about all the medicinal herbs we’ve planted and there uses.