Welcome to Maejo Baandin

Maejo Baandin’s mission is threefold:
Promoting the construction of simple homes with natural materials
• Teaching the principles of healthy and sustainable living through Permaculture and organic farming
• Providing a homestay for guests to come experience and learn about wholesome living

P’Thongbai Leknamnarong, owner and creator of Maejo Baandin, was born in Maejo Village and at 15 years of age, she left her village for the city life in Bangkok. After 24 years living in Bangkok, she realized that the happiness and freedom that she sought for in the city was not as she had imagined and decided to return to her home village 15 years ago to bring up her children. 8 years ago, she learnt about natural building with adobe from her friend and neighbor, P’Jo Jandai (founder of Pun Pun Thailand).

P’Thongbai immmediately understood the advantages of building with natural materials and set out to build her first natural building, all by herself! Since then, she’s built many structures naturally, including all the buildings that are offered for homestay at her home, a local village school, a building to house a hydroelectric generator in the village, a home for a monk, and a meditation center in Myanmar.

The house that P’Thongbai built — all by herself!!


The inspiring story of Earth Home Thailand

“Earth Home” in the Thai language is called Baandin (clay house), and since it is situated in Baan Maejo (Maejo Village), P’Thongbai named it Maejo Baandin. Baan Maejo is a small village of 110 houses with 400 people. Most of the villagers are farmers, growing rice and different kinds of seasonal vegetables and plants. Not many people knew about this village and there were no visitors as it is in the middle of nowhere, the end of a long road that leads into the mountains of Sri Lanna National Park.

thongbaiIn 2003, P’Jo Jandai, a self-taught philosopher in sustainable living moved to Baan Maejo. Here, Jon started offering workshops in natural building and Permaculture, and  since then people from around the world and Thailand got to know about this little village by the name of Pun Pun.

Slowly, day by day, Baan Maejo has new visitors and has become one of the main learning centers in natural building and Permaculture in Thailand.

P’Thongbai was born and raised in this village and after living in Bangkok for many years, she decided to move her family back to her hometown for a healthier lifestyle. She attended a natural building course at Pun Pun and was one of P’Jo’s first students from this area.

In 2007, P’Thongbai registered a little local business by the name of Homestay Maejo Baandin with several of her local friends with the intention to offer simple accommodation in natural buildings, and to promote a simple and organic lifestyle.

That was the beginning of the Earth Home story…

Where there is Earth, There is Home, Where there is Seed, There is Life

And that was also the beginning of the local villagers offering services that cater to the eco-tourism that sprouted in the area, sharing their skills and knowledge in organic farming and wood carving, and engaging in cultural exchange with the visitors.

Homestay Maejo Baandin has become one of the learning centers for people all over Thailand and the world, sharing knowledge of how to live a simple, healthy life. We teach people how to build houses from adobe, we share knowledge on how to farm organically, and we arrange for cooking lessons for anyone who wants to learn to cook Thai food. We are proud to become a center for skill-sharing and cultural exchange, giving opportunities to locals and visitors from everywhere around the world to meet and learn from each other. We are happy that we can share our unique local lifestyle, and to help preserve local knowledge.скачать программу для взлома вк на голосавзлом wi fi программа бесплатновзломать пароль вконтакте онлайн