Welcome to Maejo Baandin

Natural Building Workshop November 2014

Part I  : 10-20 Nov 2014

Part II : 20-30 Nov 2014

Maejo Baandin’s mission is threefold: Providing a home-stay for guests to come enjoy and learn about wholesome living, Promoting and teaching the principles of sustainable living, and Reaching out to the local community.

As a home-stay, we provide our guests with organic food, a comfortable environment and friendly company. We teach our guests about what we do to live in harmony with nature, from building adobe house to drinking rainwater. Experienced guests can also teach us their skills and help us improve!

We try to live by a ‘Slow Life’ model and reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible by growing our own food, recycling and making organic beauty product.

Maejo Baandin also reaches out to the villagers by helping them find sources of income, teaching them adobe house building as an affordable housing, and tutoring their kids at the school in front of us. We also to take care the Si Lanna National Park (Teen-Ranger Forest)  jungle nearby.