Earth Home you can experience and learn many thing that are good for you and good for the planet.

Click on the picture below to find out more about our main activities.

Natural Building




While at Earth Home, you’ll appreciate the virtues of our adobe cottages. They’re cool in the daytime and warm at night, and         decorated in warm pastel stuccoes. Even better, they’re built almost entirely of natural materials and, if you build them yourself, can be constructed for almost no money.



Organic Farming




At Earth Home, we have about many kinds of fruits, vegetables and herbs growing at any given time, chicken and fish, compost our own fertilizer, and collect wild mushrooms, honey and bamboo from the jungle     – all organically.

Cooking, Eating and Learning to cook.





We eat really well at Earth Home. All of our vegetables and herbs, nearly all of our fruit and a lot of our animal proteins and grown organically on the premises. Any time you visit, you’ll savor the flavors and health benefits of a super-fresh organic diet.
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