Maejo Baandin welcomes volunteers to participate in their activities throughout the year. The schedule for the year is on our Calendar.


What you can experience and learn

Volunteers at our site can experience and learn from the following activities at Maejo Baandin:

• Natural building
• Permaculture and organic farming
• Cultural exchange with people from all over the world who come to our village

What to expect

• 5-6 hours of work daily
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided (local vegetarian Thai food)
• Shared accommodation at our dormitory
• Common toilet and showers
• One day off per week
• Minimum 1-week commitment

Typical schedule

0700: working with composting, watering the vegetable garden
0800: breakfast
0900-1200: main activities of the month
1200: lunch
1500-1700: main activities of the month, continued
1830: dinner


• 350 THB per day for food and accommodation

What you need to bring

• Work clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty
• Towel
• Flip flops are fine to wear on the building site – bring closed-toed shoes if you wish
• Sunhat
• Gloves
• Long sleeve shirt and long trousers for the evening – it gets quite cold in the evenings so a jumper is also a good idea
• Mosquito repellent
• Natural soap
• Swimwear

We will be working in and around our local village so it is important that you dress respectfully in accordance to Thai culture – please cover your shoulders at all times and do not wear very short shorts or skirts.

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