Ongoing Workshops

Natural Building

If you are interested, we will teach you all it takes to create a beautiful building out of mud. 
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Permaculture and Gardening 

If you’re interested in learning about what we do at Earth Home, come and stay with us and we’ll teach you what we know, from soil types to sunlight preferences, to cooking and medicinal uses for everything we’ve planted. Families and children are welcome.
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Make your own natural products

We constantly create new natural organic products which we are happy to teach you how to make!

We Make:

Organic Shampoo
Organic Soap
Dried Fruits
Banana Chips
Herbal Tea’s

Cooking Class

You can learn cooking by joining us in the kitchen and learn how to make our famous salad dressing, curries and more. 

Thai Massage

Learn Thai Massage during one of the workshops we offer throughout the year or just enjoy a Thai Massage with one of the very skilled and officially trained local masseurs. 

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