Kasalong House (6)




Private House with bathroom
KeangDin House
LeelaWaDee House

LeeLaWaDee House 2,400THB/night
1 queen bed and 1  with private toilet and bathroom (3 persons)

EaungDin House 1,500/THB/night
1 queen bed with private toilet and bathroom (2 persons)

KeangDin House 3,000THB/night
1 double bed and 3 twin bed with private toilet and bathroom (4-5 persons)


Standard Room with bathroom
No. 4 in Kasalong House

(in Kasalong House) — There are 6 bedrooms, each with its own private toilet and bathroom

  • numbers 1 and 5 — 2 twin bed (1-2 persons) 1,300THB/night
  • number 3 — 1 queen bed (1-2 persons) 1,300THB/night
  • numbers 2 and 4 — 3  (3 persons) 1,700THB/night
  • Room number 6 – 1 double bed and 1 twin bed (2-3 persons) 1,700THB/night




  • Dinner and Breakfast included
  • Wi-Fi included
  • A security deposit of 1,000 THB per is required at check-in in case of breakage of things on the premise and for extra food & beverage consumed at the cafe. Any remaining amount, or the full amount, if applicable, will be returned to you at check-out.

NOTE: We serve only local Thai food here. If you have a special diet or dietary preferences that include dairy and other wheat products, please bring what you need with you. We have a fridge where you can store your food, but there is no kitchen for your use.взлом skype пароляпрограмма взлома паролей вай файскачать программу для взлома wifi на телефон