Self Empowerment Course

January 5-14 & April 13-22, 2018.

Sacred Place will deliver another Self-Empowerment course at Earth Home this January 5-14 and April 13-22, 2018. This is a Life Changing Opportunity to transform your life by investing quality time and energy in yourself. During this course, you work upon re-building your Inner Foundation, uncovering your strengths and talents and discovering your Life Purpose. You learn and experience how to re-program your thinking and behavior so you can harness your true power in preparation for creating the life you. Whether your intention is to successfully navigate a life transition, dissolve mental and emotional barriers or connect with your Higher self, this course will assist you achieve your goals. Furthermore these teachings assist you to develop healthier relationships and family dynamics and more authentic connections with those close to you and in your community.This course is also focused upon bringing community leaders and members closer together through authentic communication. Our focus is on teaching you how to make these changes from the inside out. By Connecting with your Higher Self and Integrating this new Knowledge, your Awareness and Understanding of your True Personal Power expands, enabling you to Create the life and relationships you really want with confidence and self love. Course activities include morning and afternoon teachings, individual and group sharing/ activities, evening documentaries and talks, and space and time to reflect in nature.

Please note there is a 20% discount for early bookings and that Thai nationals receive a 50% discount off the 10 day course price. Please also note that we sponsor two places per course, so if you sincerely want to join and cannot afford it, write us an email explaining your situation and why you would like to join. To learn more click here.

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