Natural Building Workshops November 19th – December 9th 2017 

This 21 days (3 weeks) workshop includes intensive lectures and hands-on instruction on the following subjects; We will provide an Introduction to Natural Building; soil types selection, basics of making adobe bricks, laying adobe bricks, natural plastering, homemade earth painting and other finishes. Also, an Introduction to Permaculture; land use planning in slope and plain area, soil fertility management, culturing indigenous microorganisms (IMOs) for crops, use of IMOs for making the compost, harvesting of the water and maintaining soil moisture, kitchen gardening, healthy food, people, energy conservation techniques, and natural building.

General Schedule
Every Monday to Friday we will take part in a natural building workshop at Bio-agriculture Farm. If the weather is hot in the afternoon, we will learn to produce high yielding food crops by using bio-fertilizers.This activity is a complement to proper land use in limited area. If the weather is hot in the afternoon, we will learn to produce high yielding food crops by using bio-fertilizers. Every Saturday to Sunday we will learn the intro to permaculture at Earth Home Thailand.

The Project
On the weekends, the course will be held on our farmstay land, which is an organic farm and sustainable-living learning center. We started the farm in 2004 and become one of the learning centers for people all over Thailand and the world, sharing knowledge of how to live a simple, healthy life. We teach people how to build houses from adobe, we share knowledge on how to farm organically, and we arrange cooking lessons for anyone who wants to learn to cook Thai food. We are proud to become a center for skill-sharing and cultural exchange, giving opportunities to locals and visitors from everywhere around the world to meet and learn from each other. We are happy that we can share our unique local lifestyle, and to help preserve local knowledge.

Bio-agriculture Farm
According to conventional agriculture, using synthetic chemicals negatively effects human health and the environment, especially soil degradation. Thus, there are three reasons for developing bio-agriculture farms. The first, is a demonstration of intensive food crops production by promoting soil microorganisms as a catalyst of plant nutrients recycling and also the use of antagonist microbes for protecting against plant diseases. The second, is to provide an experimental plot for plant selection to be cultivated under organic farming conditions. The last important reason, is to develop the farm as a place for learning and living by self-sustaining food production.

Teaching Team
– P’Thongbai Leknamnarong, owner and creator of Earth Home Thailand farmstay. She has more than 13 years of experience and understood the advantages of building with natural materials and set out to build her first natural building, all by herself! Since then, she’s built many structures naturally, including all the buildings that are offered for homestay at her home, a local village school, a building to house a hydroelectric generator in the village, a home for a monk, and a meditation center in Myanmar.

– Assistant Professor Supot Boonraeng, a lecturer in the faculty of agriculture at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and owner of Bio-agriculture Farm. He has experiences in permaculture/organic farming and for more than 10 years he has conducted research on plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR).

Living Situation
– Natural Building portion at Bio-agriculture Farm (every Monday-Friday) ; We have a dormitory building providing thin futon mats, blankets, sheets, a pillow, and mosquito net. Outdoor toilets and cool or solar hot showers.
– Permaculture portion at Earth Home Thailand (Friday eve – Sunday) ; We have nine hand-built adobe houses and will provide all the bedding you need for a comfortable stay with us. This is an amazing opportunity to feel how beautiful it is to sleep in an earth built home, listening to the sounds of nature as you drift off to sleep.

We provide our guests with as much organic food as possible from the farm. Food will be simple Thai food with brown rice, a comfortable environment and friendly company. We teach our guests about what we do to live in harmony with nature, from building adobe houses to drinking rainwater.

Class Fee
25,000 baht/person. (US$725). This fee includes pick-up and drop-off in Chiang Mai on the first and last day of the course, all food during the course, accommodation and instruction. All proceeds go towards supporting Learning Permaculture to grow and continue with our seed center and outreach work.

Community Living Aspect
Each course will have approximately 10-12 participants. Participants will also be asked to engage in helping with light community work on the farm. This may be help in watering the gardens, feed animals and cooking etc. We do this to help participants to immerse themselves with the Earth Home community as well as to help to experience more of our philosophy on self-reliant living. We ask all participants to refrain from any illegal drug use at Earth Home or excessive drinking.


1) Registor by follow the application form online;

2) Once you have sent your participant survey and have been confirmed, a 10,000 baht non-refundable deposit is due to secure your spot. This payment will go towards your payment for the course. Please understand we cannot hold your spot until we receive your deposit.

We ask you transfer this to our Thai account of which we will send you the details. The remaining fee will be due on the first day of the course in Thai baht or if you chose you may transfer the whole amount beforehand.